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* All the parameter data information contained in this document is the parameter information of the standard model of this series, which does not represent all the parameters and data of this series of products of our company. The actual parameter data shall be subject to the specific model signed with the sales department;

一、Product characteristics

1、System properties:

  • Equipped with Android 8.0 intelligent operating system and unique 4K UI design, the UI resolution of all interfaces is 4K ultra-high definition;

  • 4-core 64 bit high-performance CPU, 2xca73+2xca53 architecture, maximum clock support of 1.5GHz;


2、Appearance and intelligent touch:

  • Ultra narrow edge three equal sides 12mm frame design, overall appearance (all black) frosted material;

  • Front detachable high-precision infrared touch frame, with a touch accuracy of ± 1mm and a touch height of 3mm, supports 20 touch points and high sensitivity;

  • With OPS interface, expandable dual system; The three-way USB interface supports the computer and Android to share the USB function;

  • Front type-C interface multi-function expansion, HD video transmission, USB transparent transmission, touch transparent transmission, 5V /1a power supply (extremely convenient multi device link is simple and efficient, making the meeting easier)

  • Front smart pen adsorption card slot, instant adsorption without screws, simple operation

  • External USB is connected, and the system automatically enters the security mode. The password can be input to unlock, so as to better protect the file security;

  • The hardware self-test does not need the help of PC. the whole machine can perform hardware self-test to detect the network, RTC, temperature, light sense, touch, system memory, OPS and other modules, and give a prompt for the cause of the problem for different modules;

3、Whiteboard writing:

  • 4K writing whiteboard, 4K Ultra HD resolution for writing handwriting, fine strokes;

  • High performance writing software, support single point and multi-point writing, increase the writing effect of the pen edge, etc., support the functions of inserting pictures on the whiteboard, adding pages, wiping on the gesture board, zooming in, zooming out, roaming, scanning code sharing, and annotation under any interface of any channel;

  • The whiteboard page is infinitely scaled, which can be undone and restored at will without limiting the number of steps;

  • AG anti glare 4mm tempered glass, Mohs 7 hardness is safe, and the writing experience is better;


4、Conference training:

  • Built in WPS, welcome interface, and other efficient conference software;

  • The built-in 2.4g/5g screen projection module supports the simultaneous use of wireless Internet and WiFi hotspots;

  • Wireless same screen, support multi-channel same screen, realize image anti control, remote snapshot, video, music, document sharing, picture screenshot, wireless remote control confidentiality point projection and other functions;

  • The external input signal source automatically identifies the jump, and the screen switching is easy and convenient;


5、Commercial display:

  • HD image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, point-to-point fine display technology;

  • Intelligent all-in-one machine, suspended menu three finger touch screen follow, five finger touch screen sleep;

  • Customize the startup screen, theme and background, and the local media player supports automatic classification to meet the needs of different occasions;

  • Side bar buttons and gestures call out small window functions: voter, timer, screen capture, child lock, screen recording, photographing, touch sensing, intelligent eye protection and other modes and touch control switches can be switched freely;

  • Compatible with APK software of external messaging system, it can remotely release videos, pictures and rolling subtitles, and can be used to display publicity, conference information, exhibition information, enterprise introduction, school course introduction, hospital information introduction, etc; (optional)

二、Main specifications

1、Specification overview














Screen size


Screen supplier


Backlight type


Resolving power




Screen contrast


Response time


Pixel pitch

0.4875 mm x 0.4875 mm

Frame rate

60 Hz

Visual angle

178°(H) / 178°(V)

Color Saturation(x% NTSC)

72 %

Visible area

1872 (horizontal) × 1053 (vertical) mm




50,000 hrs









System properties

System version

Android 8.0

CPU architecture


CPU Operating frequency

1.5 GHz

CPU Number of cores




Internal cache capacity(RAM)

DDR4 2G/3G

Internal storage capacity(ROM)

Emmc 16G/32G



Other parameters



Power Supply

100 V ~ 240 V/AC, 50/60 Hz  1.6A

Overall power consumption (excluding OPS)


Standby power


OPS Power Supply


Sound power


Power switch








Input / output interface

LAN Interface


VGA Input interface


PC-AUDIO Input interface








Earphone OUT





*2(front 1 group)


*2(front 1 group)


*1(full function)




*5(front 3-way USB dual channel identification)






Environmental factor

Working temperature

0℃ ~ 40℃

Storage temperature

-10℃ ~ 60℃

Operating humidity

20% ~ 80%

Storage humidity

10% ~ 60%

Maximum usage time (hours * days)







Net weight


Gross weight


Bare metal size (length * width * height)


Package size (length * width * height)


VESA Hole location

4-M8 Screw hole 600mm*400mm

Shell material (face frame / rear shell)

Aluminum profile / sheet metal

Shell color (face frame / back shell)

All black


OSD menu

Simplified Chinese / English More than 10 languages


Attached accessories



Adsorption writing pen


Remote control


Certificate of conformity / warranty card


3M power cord


Wall hanging rack (including screws)







三、Touch writing system


1. Product overview

High-precision infrared touch frame, the resolution through interpolation algorithm can be as high as 32768×32768; support plug and play; this product can optionally support twenty-point touch


2. Main specifications





Touch parameters

Touch specifications

Infrared touch box

Glass specification

4mm Tempered glass

Response speed


Touch accuracy

Accuracy of 90% center area ± 1mm, accuracy of 10% edge area ± 3mm



Touch parameters

Touch diameter


Input mode

Finger or special pen

Theoretical hits

Infinite times

Interface type

USB 2.0 Full speed

Working voltage


Power waste

≤2 W


四、Product structure diagram (wall mounted hole 600*400)

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